• Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We consider it our social responsibility to protect personal data appropriately, and have established, enacted, and maintain the following personal information protection policy.

  1. We comply with laws and regulations on the handling of personal information and the guidelines and other norms stipulated by the country.  We have established and comply with internal regulations to appropriately handle personal information.
  2. We will specify a purpose within the scope necessary for our business objectives, and handle personal data collection, usage and provision by fair and legal means.
    In addition, we will take appropriate measures to ensure personal information is not handled in a way that exceeds the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose.
  3. We will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures to endeavor to prevent leakage, loss, damage or tampering of personal information handled by the company.
  4. We will respond appropriately to complaints or requests from the person concerned in relation to their personal information.
  5. We will endeavor to continuously improve our system and efforts regarding personal information protection, including this policy.

1 April 2015
Sosei Group Corporation
Representative Executive Officer Shinichi Tamura

[1] Announcement of the Intended Use of Personal Information

The intended use of personal information by the Company is as follows.

Types of personal information Intended use
Business partners For contact, cooperation, negotiation, contract fulfilment, and billing purposes.
We may provide information to our affiliates or business partners within the scope necessary for the above-listed objectives.
Shareholders For exercising rights or discharging obligations under the Companies Act.
For improving services for all shareholders, and for considering or implementing various measures.
For shareholder management such as creating shareholder data using predetermined criteria based on various laws and regulations.
People wishing to join the company For contact, provision of information, and recruitment
Aside from the above, personal information subject to disclosure of people who contact/visit the company For contact, support, sending related materials etc.

In addition, in individual cases where the purpose of use is notification or publication, that shall be the intended purpose of use.

[2] Retained personal data-related matters that should be put in a readily accessible condition for the individual

  • (1)Name
    Sosei Group Corporation
  • (2)Purposes of use for all retained personal data
    As [1] above
  • (3)Arrangements in response to request for development
    Please enclose necessary documents for the prescribed application form and send by post to the below-listed contact.
  • (4)Where to submit complaints related to handling of retained personal data
    Address: 2-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
    Contact: Sosei Group Corporation Administrative Division