Disclosure policy

Basic strategy

The Group discloses financial information that affects investment decisions, decisions made by the company, and occurrence of material facts, in accordance with the laws and regulations such as rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. Information that is not covered by various regulations and timely disclosure rules, but which might affect investment decisions, is voluntarily disclosed.

In addition, to promote the understanding of shareholders, investors and other stakeholders and to form an appropriate market valuation, when disclosing information the Group adopts a basic attitude as per the below four points.

  • Timeliness: to the extent possible, we try to disclose information in timely manner.
  • Impartiality: we strive for wide and impartial disclosure.
  • Accuracy: we always strive to disclose accurate information.
  • Continuity: in keeping shareholders and investors informed in timely manner.

Method of information disclosure

The Group discloses information using TDnet (Timely Disclosure network). After disclosure the information is promptly posted on our website. In addition, in keeping with the principle of timely disclosure, whenever possible we transmit information accurately and impartially to investors by appropriate methods, even when the information disclosed does not fall under the rules of timely disclosure.

In addition, if an error is found in the information the Group has disclosed, we will publish corrections promptly.

Disclosure policy for forward-looking statements

Disclosed information may contain "forward-looking statements." Please note when considering our operating results and corporate value that actual business and performance may differ significantly due to changes in economic conditions, market environment, and various other factors.

Market rumors

In principle, the Group does not comment on inquiries about market rumors. However, should the rumor have significant impact on the Group if left unaddressed, the Group will handle it in a prompt and appropriate way.

Quiet period

The Group employs a quiet period from the day after the quarterly results balance sheet date until the results announcement so as to prevent leakage of financial information and maintain impartiality. During this period we will refrain from answering questions about financial results. However, if it transpires during the quiet period that the results are expected to differ significantly from those forecast, we will disclose appropriate information.