Jitsubo peptide technologies

About Jitsubo

Jitsubo was established in April 2005 by Professor Kazuhiro Chiba of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, with the aim of bringing a commercial focus to his scientific findings. The company has novel peptide synthesis technology, Molecular Hiving™, and molecule modification technology, Peptune™, and has been conducting efficient synthesis of peptide drugs and research on new functional peptides. Jitsubo aims to develop generic products and produce new drug candidates.

In December 2014, Sosei made Jitsubo its consolidated subsidiary by acquiring 43.7% of Jitsubo shares.

Jitsubo's strengths

Molecular Hiving™: high-quality peptide pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured at a low cost

For details, please visit www.jitsubo.com

Peptune™: molecule modification technology with great added value

For details, please visit www.jitsubo.com

Potential of Jitsubo

Jitsubo focuses on speedy development of generic peptide products and at the same time strives to develop products with improved administration routes or novel peptide products.

Jitsubo's technology, together with our other subsidiaries' technologies, is expected to play important role in achieving our mid-long term strategic goals.

Peptide market

The worldwide peptide pharmaceuticals market is expected to reach USD 23 billion by 2020, an increase of 44% compared to USD 16 billion that was recorded in 2016. The Japan peptide pharmaceutical market in 2012 was JPY 167 billion, but is expected to increase by 70% and reach JPY 285 billion by 2020.

The worldwide peptide generic pharmaceuticals market is expected to more than triple compared to 2012 and reach USD 3.8 billion in 2020.

Source: Seed Planning, Inc. Market Research & Consulting "2014年版世界のペプチド医薬品開発の現状と将来展望"