Activus nanoparticle technology

About Activus

Activus Pharma Co. Ltd. was established in 2006. Its business focus is on developing pharmaceutical products using its nano-particle technology, APNT (Activus Pure Nano-particle Technology).
APNT is technology that enables the grinding of poorly soluble pharmaceutical ingredients down to a 50-300nm (nanometer) range, and suppression of contamination by impurities to a very low level, which was a problem using pre-existing technologies.

In August 2010, Activus became a 100% consolidated subsidiary of the Group.

Positioning of APNT

Sosei acquired this technology when it made Activus Pharma its subsidiary in August 2010.

Potential of APNT

It is expected that injections, ophthalmic products, and inhaled therapies, which had been difficult to develop from poorly-soluble compounds, can now be developed using APNT. It is also hoped that APNT can be used not just to improve the safety and efficacy of therapies, but also to help develop user-friendly drugs by improving the formulation.

APNT pipeline

Pipeline Indication Development stage Market size*
APP13002 Infectious eye disease Pre-clinical JPY 20 billion (approx.)
APP13007 Inflammatory eye disease Pre-clinical JPY 70 billion (approx.)

*Overall market size

APP13002 (Indication: Infectious eye disease)

APP13002 is a new product for infectious eye diseases such as cornea and conjunctivitis. The Group strategically intends to develop the product for the domestic market. Presently, the domestic market for infectious eye diseases as a whole is estimated at 20 billion yen.

APP13007 (Indication: Inflammatory eye diseases)

APP13007 is an ophthalmic solution for inflammatory eye diseases caused by various factors such as inflammations after cataract or Lasik eye surgery, allergic inflammations or inflammations caused by improper use of contact lenses etc. Sosei plans to conduct the trials outside of Japan. Inflammatory eye diseases world-wide market as a whole is estimated at 70 billion yen.

Joint research

Toa Pharmaceuticals and Nitto Medic

In May 2011, Activus Pharma signed a Joint Development Agreement with Toa Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiary Nitto Medic, companies with proven track-record and know-how in the manufacturing and sales of medical products. Activus will conduct joint research applying APNT.