Our history

Date Notes
Jun 1990 S. Tamura and T. Nakamura incorporated Sosei
Mar 1999 Started the Drug Reprofiling Platform®(DRP®) project
Apr 2001 In-licensed NorLevo® from Laboratoire HRA Pharma
Sep 2002 Established Sosei London office
Jul 2004 Listed on the Mothers index of Tokyo Stock Exchange (code:4565)
Jun 2005 Moved to a committees system
Aug 2005 Acquisition of Arakis Ltd. (now Sosei R&D Ltd.)
Oct 2006 Reorganisation under a holding company structure
Feb 2011 NorLevo® 0.75mg (Emergency Contraceptive) approved in Japan
May 2011 NorLevo® 0.75mg (Emergency Contraceptive) launched in Japan
In-licensed SO-1105 from BioAlliance Pharma (now Onxeo, France)
Dec 2014 Acquisition of Jitsubo Co., Ltd.
Feb 2015 Acquisition of Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.
Aug 2015 Entered agreement with AstraZeneca to develop novel immuno-oncology treatments for a range of cancers
Oct 2015 NVA237, QVA149 approved in US
Nov 2015 Strategic drug discovery collaboration with Pfizer
Apr 2016 Global R&D and commercialization partnership for novel treatments in Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders with Allergan
Jun 2016 Sosei CVC launched RFM1
Nov 2016 JITSUBO became an affiliate company
Nov 2016 Heptares acquired G7 Therapeutics (Heptares Therapeutics Zurich AG)
Feb 2017 Submitted marketing authorization application of SO-1105 for oropharyngeal candidasis
Mar 2017 Entered agreement with Daiichi Sankyo to discover and develop novel, small-molecules for the treatment of pain
May 2017 Strategy investment and exclusive option to acquire MiNA (Holdings) Limited