Our history

Date Notes
Jun 1990 S. Tamura and T. Nakamura incorporated Sosei
Mar 1999 Started the Drug Reprofiling Platform®(DRP®) project
Apr 2001 In-licensed NorLevo® from Laboratoire HRA Pharma
Sep 2002 Established Sosei London office
Jul 2004 Listed on the Mothers index of Tokyo Stock Exchange (code:4565)
Jun 2005 Moved to a committees system
Aug 2005 Acquisition of Arakis Ltd. (now Sosei R&D Ltd.)
Oct 2006 Reorganisation under a holding company structure
Feb 2011 NorLevo® 0.75mg (Emergency Contraceptive) approved in Japan
May 2011 NorLevo® 0.75mg (Emergency Contraceptive) launched in Japan
In-licensed SO-1105 from BioAlliance Pharma (now Onxeo, France)
Dec 2014 Acquisition of Jitsubo Co., Ltd.
Feb 2015 Acquisition of Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.