The story behind our name

In Japan, it is well known that by the time of the Meiji Restoration (1868), the Choshu Domain (a feudal domain of Edo-period Japan, 1603 – 1867) had become a driving force. In the context of the many talented people in the domain around the time of the Meiji Restoration, the presence of feudal lord Takachika Mori had significant impact.
After inheriting his family estate, Lord Takachika rebuilt the financially-troubled domain, reformed the military in the western style, promoted literary and military arts, and enhanced education through Dutch studies. On the other hand, because he replied "sosei" ("do as you wish") to all advice tendered by his vassals, he was called "Lord Sosei" behind his back. But because Lord Takachika was actively appointing talented people and allowing them to act freely, the domain was not broken by the turbulent final years of the Edo period. It is said that as a result, the Choshu Domain became the driving force of the movement to attack the shogunate.
This company was started with determination to make it a driving force of a present-day "Heisei Restoration". Drawing inspiration from this historical episode, heard from a certain pharmaceutical executive with an extensive knowledge of history, the company was named "Sosei."

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